Pastoral Ministry

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  • 4 Steps of discipleship course
    4 Steps of discipleship course is a process that helps us live as disciples of Jesus
    by training our lives to form a personal relationship with Jesus who is in us.
    We will encourage you to live a new life transformed by the Word while learning the meaning of salvation.
    Furthermore, we will be built up as a witness who conveys the word and love of Christ to our neighbors as well as ourselves.
  • 01
    A new life
  • 02
    A life of sanctification
  • 03
    A life of Leadership
  • 04
    A retreat
  • Bible reading Project

  • 'Bible reading Project'

    The most important way to know God who is life is by reading the Bible

    Especially those who have difficulty reading alone can participate in this process 

    and read the Bible while encouraging each other. 

    May you enjoy abundant grace through reading the Bible.  

  • Becoming christians in Romans chapter 12

  • 'Becoming christians in Romans chapter 12'

    We will take a look at what a Christian looks like in Romans 12 

    and think about how the Word is applied in the context of life. 

    This course is the process of growing up as a faithful Christian

    We look forward to the participation of those who wish to live the life of God's people. 

  • Baptist bible study

  • 'Baptist bible study'

    Our Church baptizes twice on Easter and Thanksgiving. 

    If you confess Jesus as the Christ, 

    please fill out the application form and participate. 

  • Newcomers Class

  • 'Newcomers Class'

    Welcome newcomers to the church.

    Through this process, you can easily get to know the core of 

    Christianity and the Gospel. We will help you to have fellowship 

    with the Congregation and settle in the church. 

  • One-to-One Discipleship Training

  • 'One-to-One Discipleship Training'

    It is not just about knowing the Word, but a process 

    of learning to live as God's people through fellowship with a mentor. 

    If you wish to take a leap in faith, please participate in this program 

    and enjoy the true joy of life through a disciple-like life.